Cafe & Bar

Cruising Bar «Bunker»

16:00 – 06:00 +7 (812) 315-09-63

The meaning of word Cruising is close to the meaning of word browsing. People in cruising club walk around private rooms, cabins and halls and look for some contacts. Cruising club cannot be associated to loud music, noisy chats and disco. Lots of european cruising clubs work for 24h or the most part of a day. That's why it couldn't be a lot of people in cruising club at the same time like it is in bars or disco clubs. Everybody comes when he can - it could be in afternoon, evening or night.

Cruising club's visitors have a possibility to come back during club works. Open every day from 4 pm till 6 am.

For our visitors there's a bar with alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. We are also glad to offer you 4 channels with fresh High Quality erotic films, 2 shower cabins, lots of locking and non-locking private rooms. All of rooms are being cleaned with professional cleaning systems.

Every cabin has lubricants. Also one condom is given for free for every visitor. Extra condoms could be bought. Its price is 10 roubles. Ones per week there's a special party in the club (thursday). The information about it you may get on a page "Schedule and prices". The better time for visiting our club is after 8 pm.